The Vorchumentary Videos

The Vorchumentary is a documentary about the million-step process between the concept, the concerts, and the execution of the live album.  Connecting with so many people and making such a large project happen was labour and time intensive, and it was all documented on video along the way.  What started on a collection of cel phone cameras and evolved into three camera shoot was edited into short videos and posted as the project progressed.  When the budget says so the footage will be edited into a full length documentary.

It didn’t happen unless it’s on video, right?  Check it here.  From the kernel of the idea to the final product.  The series starts at with the first episode in my house, knowing that I want to vlog the process so I needed to get over being camera shy.

Or, click through to YouTube to watch them in whatever order you like, and to see other Arlene Bishop videos.