Together Tonight

Live with an audience, Arlene Bishop and her thirty-person vorchestra recorded a totally unique, heart-bursting, emotional rollercoaster set of big songs and funny between-song monologue.  “A uniquely inspiring experience unlike anything I could have imagined.” said one audience member.


Bishop’s goal of connecting community envisioned singers, former singers, and wish-they-were-singers, breaking the wall between performer and audience, all inspiring the audience to sing along without expressly asking them to.  It was a bold yet vulnerable goal.


Hoping for open minds, she reached out, word spread, and the vorchestra grew.  Named The Spirit of Adventure for their creative bravery, the growing ensemble learned the arrangements.  Asking Miss John Copping to take the role of conduxtrix when the voices grew from three to six to seventeen (and kept growing), Bishop hosted a series of rehearsals that became social gatherings, performance workshops, vocal coaching, and philosophical talks.  Together with the vorchestra, conductrix Miss Copping, bass (Annelise Noronha), percussion (Cheryl Reid), keyboards (Yawd Sylvester), acoustic guitar, a willing audience, and a room full of microphones and gear engineered by veteran recording artist James Paul (The Rogue), the deep, dark, and funny show about our shared human condition of death emerged.

Check out these excerpts from the 14 track album of serious songs and funny monologue. It’s a real rollercoaster of an experience – and listening to it is just like being on stage with The Spirit of Adventure.

Order yours right now from Arlene Bishop on BandCamp to choose from a variety of digital audio (WAV, FLAC, MP3 and more).  Digital downloads come with an immediate download and CD purchases will be mailed on December 2nd, and include a digital download of the album.

Together Tonight by Arlene Bishop & The Spirit of Adventure is available on December 2nd through iTunes, CDBaby, and right now you can order it from BandCamp.

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